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Should Nintendo Stop Supporting the 3DS?


The Nintendo 3DS was released in 2011, and there have been 4 variations. Many people consider the 3DS to be one of the best handheld gaming systems ever, due to its fantastic library of games. The hardware is ageing though, and the console-handheld hybrid, “Nintendo Switch” was just released. Is it time Nintendo throws in the towel for the 6 year old handheld?

Ageing Hardware

The 3DS has a 320 x 240p lower screen,and a 800p x 240p upper screen pixel resolution. which is lackluster compared to other more recent handheld systems such as the PS Vita which has a 960p x 544p screen, and of course the 1280p x 720p Nintendo Switch screen which can output on a TV at 1920p x 1080p. Without getting into too much detail about the 3DS’s specs, it is essentially in between the Nintendo 64, and GameCube in technical power (console made in the late 90’s, and early 2000’s). The Wii U suffered from inferior hardware because Nintendo once again tried to attract the “casual gamers” to the system, but many of the casual gamers already moved on to mobile gaming. The 3DS (being a handheld) does not need to have up to date hardware, at least to a degree. However the 3DS’s technical hardware is now over 15 years old when you take into consideration that if its less powerful than the GameCube (released in 2001). Even for a handheld console, 15+ year hardware is very old.

Lack of Games

What’s the main reason someone buys a video game console? Games! The 3DS has a lot of games, but not a lot of upcoming games, and the upcoming games are nothing to exciting. There’s “Hey! Pikmin” a game that has received a lot of hate online. Some JRPGs such as “Ever Oasis” which doesn’t look to exciting, at least to many western gamers, Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia that probably would have received a lot of hype if it was released before the Switch announcement, or if it was actually on the Switch, and a few other games that aren’t receiving a lot of hype. The Nintendo Switch has upcoming games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and more.

Nintendo Switch Launch

Easily, the most important reason why Nintendo should stop supporting the 3DS within the year is with the release of the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is either a home console you can take on the go, or a handheld console you can play on the TV; depending on how you look at it. Either way it is a portable console. Who wants to bring 2 portable consoles with them all the time? The Nintendo Switch is a powerful handheld, and has gotten attention from third party developers. The future seems bright for the hybrid due to the demand for it, the promising line up of games, and the interesting gimmick.

Why is Nintendo Still Supporting the 3DS?

Many people are dumbstruck by Nintendo continuing to support the 3DS even after a new portable system. There are reasons though, (these are purely speculation) such as the fact that if the Switch doesn’t end of doing well, the 3DS will be Nintendo’s only current successful system, and they would need time to make a new console (if any new console), Nintendo still has some games coming to the system, and like when the DS came out in 2004, Nintendo said that the Gameboy Advance would still be supported (it was not supported for much longer) so people would continue buying the GBA.

Alex L. is the owner of the YouTube channel Game Domain. Game Domain has top 10’s, gameplay, Easter eggs, discussions, and much more. From Nintendo to Xbox. From PlayStation to Steam.

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